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David Rosenstein and Gareth Nortje offer several therapeutic services which include psychotherapy and medication (only Gareth Nortje). David Rosenstein is primarily a behaviour therapist, while Gareth offers a combination of behaviour and psychodynamic therapy. Our therapy is practical and collaborative. We provide our clients with knowledge, tools and strategies to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. We focus on addressing the mechanisms and processes which sustain and contribute towards your mental health challenges and personal struggles. 

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Behaviour therapy is often a time limited psychotherapy. We work towards shifting patterns of responding (thinking and behaving) to improve wellbeing and emotional functioning. We focus on the following conditions/diagnoses: 

Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum

DisordersTic Spectrum Disorder 

Anxiety Disorders 

Functional Health Disorders (IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Pain)

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Dr Gareth Nortje provides both psychotherapy and psychiatric assessments and medication options. Dr Nortje treats a number of psychiatric conditions and also assists older adolescents. 

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